How can I join the community?

Any nurse professional can become a member of our global nursing community by registering at: Nurses For Future platform

Is my registration confirmed?

After registration, you should receive an email to log into the Nurses For Future.

Please confirm the activation of your account. To inquire about your registration or any other related questions, please contact us at e-mail where our global admins will confirm your registration status.

Could you help me find a job abroad?

Nurses For Future is a digital communication platform – meaning we do not employ nurses ourselves. However, we offer a Career Navigator program, where we help nurses develop further their career path. Please register at Nurses For Future platform and sign up for our Career Navigator scheme to be eligible to be assisted.

Is the mentorship initiative paid?

The Mentorship initiative, be it as a mentor or a mentee, is completely free-of-charge. Please register at Nurses For Future platform and sign up for our Mentorship scheme to be eligible to be assisted.


How to register for the webinar?

To be eligible to register for our webinars, please register at Nurses For Future platform and fully activate your profile. The webinar registration link will be shared with Nurses For Future members on our platform as well via e-mail.

Where can I find the link to the webinar?

After registering for the webinar and filling all the required information, the ZOOM link will be sent to you via email.

Is the webinar free-of-charge?

Yes, our webinars are free-of-charge.

Is the e-certificate paid?

The e-certificate of attendance is free of charge and is issued after every webinar to all participants who are fully registered members of Nurses For Future platform.

Can I join the webinar online?

Yes, the webinar will take place online for all participants.

Can I attend the webinar regardless of my location?

Nurses For Future webinars are not limited to any country meaning any Nurses For Future member from anywhere can join.

Can nursing students join the webinar?

Of course nursing students are welcomed to join Nurses For Future webinars!

Is the webinar just for Registered Nurses (RN)?

Nurses For Future webinars are available to the whole Nurses For Future digital community.

Are CPD units applied for the Nurses For Future webinar?

After the webinar, an e-certificate of attendance is issued to all participants where hours of preparation and duration are specified, with which nurses have been able to claim CPD points.

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