”Our purpose is to design a secure and inspirational environment where nurses can flourish and receive adequate appreciation.”

Nurses For Future is a project focused exclusively on nurses with the purpose to contribute to future healthcare needs. We firmly believe that bringing together nurses with different know-how and ideas across various regions holds extensive possibilities for the future to achieve sustainable changes in the field of care.

Did you know that nurses are commonly the first contact for the patients seeking care?


”We are a team of passionate and curious healthcare professionals who share the same goal – to provide nurses with valuable solutions and actively engage in the fields that are making a global impact in healthcare.”

Nurses For Future is a project developed by AQUILIA HEALTH. The core idea behind this project arose from the strategic outlook in mind. Current global healthcare challenges are rising, especially for the nurses, since they have a pivotal role in the healthcare system. That is why we decided to develop a Nurses For Future platform that will address topics needed to improve professional lives of nurses and bring greater meaning to their workplace.

Did you know that nurses comprise about 60 percent of health professionals worldwide?

Nurses For Future Value

  • We link nurses from all over the world to learn from each other.
  • We provide nurses with a dedicated tool for discussing the challenges they face in their daily routine.
  • We create opportunities to discuss and develop new care techniques and future trends.
  • We promote sustainability, internationalization and know-how exchange in the nursing professional society.

Nurses For Future – First ever communication platform exclusive to nurses

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