Jessica K.

I would be very interested in the care platform and would appreciate more information!

Karin E.

That sounds so interesting. Finally something for nurses!

Michaela D.

Sounds interesting! Yes would like to know more about it.

Nina S.

Thanks for the nice feedback and the message. I am open to learn more about it and look forward to a nice exchange and information!

Birgit L.

Very cool thing! Thank you for your initiative!

Rene W.

I would be interested in any case.

Renate T.

Yes that sounds great. I’m already interested in learning more about it. If you can send me more information, I’d be grateful. I’m currently in further education and a network can never hurt.

Maja D.

I think this is a great idea and look forward to seeing the platform complete.

Markus A.

Would be very interested in this platform.

Andrea N.

There isn’t really a platform for nursing care in Austria. I signed up for more information. Thanks very much!

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